Multipoint and Hear Me Now Studio


We’ll get it done.  We may lean toward audio for a variety of reasons. (How often have you heard the best advertising ever done is word of mouth?)  But primarily because we believe in the power of the spoken word, especially when that choice of words is appropriate.  I guess you could say we like wordplay.  And when that translates to visual as well, we make it happen.   Print, outdoor, video, social.  Whatever the platform of choice, we’ve done it.

Multipoint Content Strategies Research and Data

Research and data analysis

Let’s dig into where it hurts.  We’ll likely see something you don’t or you’ll notice something in the process you didn’t before.  We ask a lot of questions.... (Don’t you just love hearing “Help me understand.” Or simply, “Why?”)

Learning is a two-way street.

Multipoint Content Strategies Content Team


One of our favorites.  We learn, we create, we produce, we place.  Let’s see where it can go.  We draw from a team of award winning and tenured writers that are age appropriate for the specific content and nature of what we choose to do with it.  Delivering the message correctly is everything.

Multipoint Content Strategies Gauges


Brilliant idea!  But, hey... did it work?  We don’t chase awards, we chase results.  And we like to help develop ways to know if something worked.  Starting with the concept to the expectation, we’ll help build a tracking mechanism to evaluate and gauge success against the expectations.  Measure to manage, remember, we’re a part of the same team.  We win when you win.

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