Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

By now, you’re likely aware of some form of podcast.  It could be a podcast for a hobby, politics, entertainment or even your local news/talk radio shows that you may have missed. Podcasting has gone mainstream.  And why not?  It’s easy, it’s on your time and it’s readily available as a simple app on your phone, tablet or computer.  With Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Sirius XM and other large audio content providers delivering podcasts of all sorts on their platforms, it’s no surprise Podcasting has caught the ears of even the biggest marketers in the country.    

That’s because Podcasts have become a marketing opportunity.  What if the podcast itself was the message? What if you could deliver content in your own voice as a marketing message for your company?  You’ve heard the best advertising is “word of mouth”.  Well… let your customers tell their stories in an informative and entertaining way in your podcast.  Or you tell your story and position your company or service exactly how you want it to be positioned.  It’s your personal “word of mouth” that done well, can most effectively tell the story of your business.  Educate, entertain and inform listeners with your own message and experiences.  Provide real life anecdotes to issues and challenges you know your current and potential customers have.  Producing quality content can accomplish more than just getting a message across.  It builds your brand.  It builds reach and it builds your opportunities to connect to your target.  

Your podcast message can be distributed in a variety of familiar ways and even play well with traditional marketing messages.  Think about what you do today and simply add the podcast as a link.  Tie the podcast to your blog or newsletter.  Consider an email database marketing push to new or existing customers that could look something like this using a fitness firm as an example:

     Dear Bill and Sue Smith,

Is it time to get in shape for bathing suit weather, lose the love handles or belly fat?  You’ve heard it all before, right…or have you? Now you can really hear how to get in shape on our new podcast series, “Muffin Top be Gone ; True success stories from AlltheTime Fitness”!  Simply click on the link below to hear the incredible outcomes from friends in your neighborhood and how AlltheTime Fitness helped them accomplish the look they wanted in only a few short months.  You’ll even get tips you can start on your own that have proven and immediate results.

Sure, I’m having a little fun with it but you get the point.  Add in  properly placed calls to action and BAM! you’ve got leads. 

As a bonus, your “successes” will likely share the podcast they’re in with all their social outlets as well.  It’s free distribution as implied endorsement of your business!  And it’s as simple as a link or tap on the iTunes or Google podcast apps.

Podcasting is a proper and valuable opportunity to add to your marketing arsenal of assets that can really differentiate you from your competitors with tremendous creative flexibility and very little expense or investment.  You can practice by simply putting it on your phone as a recording to see what you think.  Give it shot, give it listen and hear what your story sounds like in your own words as a your “word of mouth” marketing.  You may be surprised.