Of course we would enter the decade with a hot new term, in this case one word in its’ various and multiple iterations. There are likely others but the one that is resonating with me recently is “Connecting”. “Connections”. “Connectivity”. “Connectionopolis”. (Yes. Really. It’s in a printed periodical.)  It seems I’m reading about the description of new ways to approach customers, business opportunities, digital engagement, creative copywriting and it’s all about “connecting” with the target.  Connecting.  Building a relationship.  Getting buy in. Usage. Loyalty if we’re really “connected”. 

Consider how it’s changed below:

Then                                     Now

Let’s do lunch.                       Let’s connect over lunch.

I’ll introduce you two.          I’ll get you two connected.

I know a ton of folk.              I’m really connected. (or he, she, they are…)

Who are we targeting?        Who do we need to connect with?

How can we build a             How do we better connect?

deeper relationship?

This is just my observation from recent materials read and hearing different choices of words to describe our ultimate objectives. I can only think it’s coming from social media as it continues to creep into and change nearly everything we’ve done/did historically.  You “connect” on Facebook and LinkedIn. Right?  But more importantly, isn’t it really about being able to earn the trust, respect and commitment of a person or persons to use our product or service with loyalty and enthusiasm. Or just better acquaint ourselves personally?  Isn’t that true?  Don’t we all want our product or service evangelized by the users?  Or our relationships validated with “connection”? Of course we do! Regardless of the terminology we use, the words to describe it or the means to communicate it, our ultimate objective has to be rooted in the best interest of serving the need of our “connections”.  Providing those “connections” with what it is they’re looking for.  Understanding them.  Relating to them. Supporting them.  Improving them.  Ok, connecting with them.  Hey, if that’s what it’s all about today, new or old school, the end result is the same.  Provide what it is they’re looking, what people or a person really want and you can be sure, you’ll get connected.  And if you would like to see how we might help you with our services, by all means.  Let’s “connect”.