Sounds like I’m teeing up a bad joke or movie right?  But nothing could be further from the truth.  These past couple of weeks have seen the impact of the threat of a spreading disease wreak havoc on our financial well-being.  It’s also prompted a plethora of prognosticators to preach their picture of what the outcome is going to look like.  Both long and short term, good and bad, up and down, get in, get out, ughhhh!  We’re fortunate in that we have some outstanding financial services that we produce podcasts for and one of our shows, Financial Sobriety, came into the studio to create a show out of sequence as a “Special edition”.  That’s the beauty of a podcast.  Like a hot story item, breaking news, you can record and post immediately.  Get your message out to whomever needs to hear it.  Yes, it works that way for any topical and popular concern, just as it would be the same for a healthcare professional, healthcare system or private practice to push something out related to the Coronavirus.  Why?  Please, let me share!

Brand yourself and your business as the experts.  You must be or why would you waste the time to push an urgent message out with an appropriate title on the topic at hand? 

Be the authority.  (See above) And in addition to the branding, this is what your clients/customers expect from you. Remember, you can personally send your database the podcast as well.  You can’t call each and every one of them but you can surely send them all your very personal podcast addressing the firm’s direction on the matter. A well-done podcast done in your words, is one-to-one messaging.

Generate interest.  Your podcast will be posted on all the directories.  Any searches may get you an opportunity, a new lead.  Your existing clients may pass it along to friends or family to let them hear what “their financial advisor” is suggesting. 

Differentiation. Yeah, you’re different. That’s what they all say. Here’s your opportunity to prove it.  The podcast represents you.  Your authenticity, credibility, knowledge, personality.  Short of an in-person meeting, what else has the ease of access and lower cost threshold to do the same?  Nothing.

Drive Traffic. Done well, you should see increased website traffic, additional messaging as a result of your social posts and lastly, shared messaging socially that can only be a positive.  Make sense?

Podcasting has finally crossed the threshold of “What is it?” to “Where do I find it?”.  Investment News recently suggested to “Put Podcasting on Your To-Do List” if you’re in the financial services sector. 

The primary vendors to the financial services sector are delivering messages via podcasting today.  Big firms and financial institutions are using podcasting to communicate with both their retail and wholesale customers.  With all the turmoil in the market as we leave the comfort of a ten year plus run of a bull market, how are you putting your clientele at ease?  Look around.  Does your competition have a podcast?  It’s not just about big firms.  A one-person office can do a podcast and appear bigger than life.  Create the persona, the perception of what you want from your practice. Local banks and S&L’s should all be doing podcasting to demonstrate value and share the investment they make in the community.  Most of your own customers don’t even know all the good you do to support non-profits and schools…and what do you recommend in all this financial drama?  Most lending institutions have financial wellness and advising under their umbrella of services, too.  

Podcasting is not limited to the financial services sector, obviously, but given the nature of the past week, I felt it important to share how it can be used as an immediate voice of reason that is within your control.  If you’re considering podcasting, regardless of the business you’re in, we would love to connect with you.  To hear my podcast with Matthew Grishman, co-host of the Financial Sobriety podcast you can find it on our website here or on your favorite podcast app under “In Your Words”. If you would like to get more information on how we can help your business better market itself through podcasting, contact me:  [email protected].