Disruptor? Think again.

It’s surely been a hot word in our vernacular for some time now as we allude to the “disruptors” as we’ve known them; The Silicon Valley type like FaceBook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. Or the technical type like Apple and Nest and Ring, or the transportation type like Uber and Lift, or the communication type like Netflix or Podcasting or… The list goes on in many, if not every traditional category we’ve known. And if not yet, it will. But we’re in the midst of the largest, most powerful disruption ever. It has impacted every facet of the very foundation of humankind in my opinion. It has not only shaken our belief in one of the most recognized, sophisticated and successful (and I might add profitable) health care infrastructures in the world but has simultaneously nearly destroyed an economic infrastructure globally. And it’s done it in the shortest period of time ever. Nothing, not world wars, atomic weapons, prior pandemics or the great depression have had the impact of what we’re currently experiencing. In just a few short months, Nature (or a higher power if you believe) has shown us who we really are. How fragile we are as humans. The Ultimate Disruptor took us by our feet, turned us upside down and shook us to our very core. The reason? That’s for us to learn.  Whether you’re faith based,  scientific or agnostic in your beliefs, something of incredible significance has happened on our planet and it’s not to be taken lightly. It will have forever changed lives, healthcare and economies as we’ve come to know them. Literally, humankind has changed from it. Every system, platform, product, process, trust and belief we’ve come to know is under re-evaluation. Our confidence, our swagger, has been rattled. And I make this observation from a positive perspective.  One can only imagine the deviate side of what is going on right now. The cast of characters that see fortune in prey with malice. That too will change. I don’t have any answers for what has happened, why or how we’ll emerge from this all nor do I believe anybody else has at this time. I certainly have my own beliefs but for every one thought I, or anyone else may express, there are an equal number of contradictions, fact or fiction. But what I do know is that for some reason unbeknownst to us, something greater than us, whomever we thought we were, has shown us we really aren’t all that after all. In one fell swoop, in just a couple of short months, tens of thousands dead, hundreds of thousands infected, millions out of work and a global economy shattered…has to be telling us something.  Are we going to accept that, attempt to find some answers and make some changes or are we going to try like hell to get back to what that prior “normal” looked like and call it a day?

As a podcast producer, I can’t wait to gather and share the stories that will come from these events and help others tell their story in their words for everyone to hear. Hope reigns supreme in the direction we take and what we’ll hear others say and it’s those stories we need to hear and deliver. Personal one to one communication and connection will drive the next steps as we pick ourselves up and get on with what we need to do for each other. The opportunity and excitement of change for the better and the interest in knowing we can do this has never been greater.